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Nekoosa: Synaps XM is the superior alternative to lamination

Synaps XM is a next generation synthetic paper made from high grade polyester film with superior dimensional stability and unmatched lay-flat characteristics. It’s a terrific time-saving, money saving alternative to traditional lamination and is engineered for dry toner/laser printing for on demand, high quality printing. Available in a variety of mil thicknesses, 5 mil thru 14 mil, with a brand new 12 Mil offering. Not sure? Request samples from the Commerce Paper & Supply sample department today!

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Verso: New Brighter Whites, Free upgrade!

Verso recently increased the brightness across all their coated Digital and Sheetfed papers. Sterling Premium, Anthem Plus, Productolith Pts, have all been brightened. The digital lineup, Futura, Sterling Premium Digital, Productolith Pts. Digital, Blazer have been elevated to provide an uncompromising combination of premium quality, while remaining committed to a competitive price point.

  • Sterling Premium/Digital - 96 Brightness
  • Productolith Pts./Digital - 92 Brightness
  • Anthem Plus - 92 Brightness
  • Futura - 96 Brightness
  • Blazer Digital - 92 Brightness

Verso papers are made in the USA with pride, passion, vision, and skill and are in stock at Commerce Paper.

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Mohawk: Direct Mail Elevated – Consider the Envelope

Direct mail is a powerful communicator and the right paper can take your project from good to GREAT! Envelopes made from Mohawk Paper offer the look, feel and presentation of true distinction, providing a platform that gets noticed and achieves results. To stand out in the crowded mailbox, you need an envelope that will grab the attention of your audience. With over 850 envelope items and matching text and cover stocks, Mohawk Paper will capture attention, convey quality and amplify your message.

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We love paper. Paper is a recyclable, plant-based product that connects us in so many ways to the important things in life. Domtar is committed to the responsible use and manufacturing of paper. We’re also committed to communicating paper’s place and value to the businesses and people that use Domtar products every day.

Blueline is a quarterly magazine designed to bring printers and creatives together. It’s a resource for innovative ideas, perspectives, and possibilities. Each issue follows a theme relevant to today’s creative industry and provides a range of insights that shed light on topics you care about. The Blueline Magazine is a supplement to our blog and website. They work in concert, leveraging modern technology like augmented reality to give you a more holistic experience.

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Neenah Paper

Expand your creative boundaries and exceed all your design expectations. Classic papers are offered in nine world class finishes. The Classic Textures swatchbook houses them all.

New Woodgrain Finish
All the aesthetic charm of wood with none of its limitations.The natural rustic texture of Classic Woodgrain is ideal for countless applications.

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New Techweave Finish
A high-end finish with a one-of-a-kind feel, Classic Techweave embodies finely woven fabric with a high-tech twist.

Also found in the Classic Textures swatchbook is Classic Laid, Stipple, Columns, Smooth, Super Smooth, Eggshell and Linen.

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Touche' Paper
Touche’ Papers’ soft, matte finish provides a look of understated elegance and sophistication while the rose-petal softness begs to be touched. When you need to communicate something unforgettable, make a lasting impression with a palette of 13 beautifully sophisticated colors that rewards with a delicate touch.

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Neenah: Classic Crest - The Complete Communicator

Classic Crest papers deliver the whole package- unmatched luxury, dependable results and best-in-class quality. Excellent formation and uniform surface ensure an incredible print performance that stands the test of time. Reliable. Remarkable. Classic!

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MACTAC METRO – Value priced Pressure Sensitive!

Metro is Mactac’s value line of pressure-sensitive sheets, offering both economy and dependable performance. Available in laser and toner fusion digital, Metro offers a range of cost-competitive fluorescent and color paper options. Mactac – Technology that sticks!

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Georgia Pacific - Finding the right paper, just got easier!

With Georgia Pacific’s online carousel browser, selecting paper has never been easier! Either browse by brand or cruise through the carousel and find the office paper that meets all your needs and specifications. Georgia Pacific papers carry the jam-free guarantee and are stocked on the Commerce Paper floor!

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Mohawk Dimensional ~Just Print and assemble!

The Mohawk Dimensional portfolio includes pre-perforated, pre-scored packaging and promotional products available in a range of premium papers. These high impact end-use pieces have a micro-perf technology and are used for many applications that include hang tags, folders, table tents, folded cards and dozens more! Contact Commerce Paper for samples and more information!

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